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And You Get a Mask

It's amazing how quickly 4 year olds can adapt to changes. No school anymore, no problem. Can't get close to people, can do. Have to wear a mask all the time, fine.

Wearing a mask was an issue for the first two times it was required, but once he saw that we were all wearing ours all the time, he stopped making a fuss. It also helped that he found a rainbow unicorn mask. Seriously, if your kid has an issue with their mask, try shopping for one together. Unicorns fix so many problems.

And masks fix so many problems too. Hong Kong has only had 5 coronavirus deaths as of 6/20 and many epidemiologists have credited the near universal use of masks at all times. My friend's mom who lives in Hong Kong has described how they can go out to dinner, but wear their masks up until the waiters drop off the food and leave the area around the table. Then they put their masks back on at the end of the meal at which point the waiters return to clear up and drop off the check. It's this type of careful care that has kept them from having to have a complete shutdown like we have had here (they closed schools, but that was it).

This is why it's important to wear your masks all the time when you're outside. I was glad that London Breed required this and then Gavin Newsom followed suit soon after requiring it for the whole state. This effort will only succeed if people are diligent about wearing their mask whenever they are outside. If my four year old can do it, so can you. It's easy to feel that the crisis is over as life slowly returns to normal, but cases continue to rise across the country, while here in the bay area, we've been able to keep cases low by being careful. Please stay safe, stay healthy and keep others healthy by wearing your mask all the time whenever you are out.

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