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Remember Back When

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

My son is convinced that bouncy castles are public goods. He has talked his way into so many bouncy castles. Who can say no when a three year old comes up and asks, "Can I bounce?" Well, one person did say no, but they are clearly the enemy of joy as no one was using the castle at the time he asked. Most people give him a big smile and say, "Go ahead."

His ability to navigate social situations is improving so fast now that he's at Glenridge. He now regularly joins into games with kids he meets at parks. He is able to ask adults for what he wants, like using their bouncy castle. I think he's got a little extrovert in him as he is more likely to jump right into social situations than to shy away from them.

I even witnessed him fake laugh at a joke when one of his friends told one and laughed at it themselves. The laugh was clearly fake and his friend called him out on it, but he knew that his friend telling the joke and laughing was an invitation for him to laugh too. We can work on his delivery, but his extrovert instincts are there. I'm so proud.

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