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The Best Way to Teach

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

The best way to teach

That we all reap what we sow

Should involve sowing

Digging is one of my son's favorite pastimes. Sand, rocks, dirt, you name it, he'll want to fill a bucket with it and then pour it back out and start again. It took a little practice to hone that instinct into real gardening. Mostly it took practice to not dig up the seeds we planted right after we buried them. We've grown herbs, garlic and potatoes together. The potatoes shouldn't really count as gardening as we went out to plant them, he got distracted and we just left them in the planter. Couple months later, we had a batch of accidental potatoes. And if you've ever grown potatoes, you know that you rarely find all the potatoes when you harvest, so there's always some accidental purple potatoes sprouting up, no effort required. Our new batch of accidental potatoes should be done soon and we'll harvest them together, bring them up, chop and fry them together. I was older than my son, when my grandmother started letting me help her cook. I hope that starting him this young at growing and preparing his own food will show him that the nourishment he gets from food can be spiritual as well as physical.

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