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The Castle's Been Named

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

We've been keeping busy amidst this crisis. Here's what we've been up to:

1. Built a cardboard castle out of delivery boxes

2. Named that castle "Gee Whiz" thanks to a box of apples that shared the name

3. Watched almost all of the Miyazaki Films (we need to watch the cat series but we'll get there by the end of this shelter in place)

4. Baked cookies

5. Hiked the little hidden trail on the open space behind our house about a dozen times

6. Made Emoji bead necklaces

7. Painted more pictures

8. Epic Sword Fights (sometimes in tutus)

9. Sorted the house from top to bottom (even both junk drawers)

10. Built a home gym (even got my son a mop handle which he uses as his weight bar to copy us while Lexi and I work out)

11. Biked to ocean beach to splash in the waves (keeping our social distance the whole way)

12. Pet the shy cat, Cheeto. They're both getting much more used to us as we've been home so much.

13. Tried some toddler vchat play dates with little success. He does better with Grandma.

14. Ordered and played new games like Set and Rockem Sockem robots.

15. Way more bath nights. It's no longer a fight all of a sudden

16. Planted sunflowers

17. Poured all the balls from the ball pit down on the patio outside Dada's office in the middle of one of his video meetings with his staff (I thought it was strange that it would be hailing in the middle of a sunny day, but hey, that's San Francisco weather for you)

18. Video Chatted Grandma regularly. It's the only vchat he has patience for

19. Started squeezing our own orange juice (why did I never do this before)

20. Started baking our own bread (The BEST!)

Once the initial panic of the crisis subsided

1. Can we still sell beer? yes

2. How can we keep our employees employed? Hopefully a Paycheck Protection Program loan, which we applied for.

3. Will school reopen? Not this year, strap in for the long haul

4. Do we have enough of everything we need? yes, you're a prepper, this is what you've been planning for and why you have two freezers.

We settled in to the work of rebuilding some routine

1. Where to shop? - Perishables from the small Valencia Farmers Market store with no crowds. Non-perishables through the drive up preorder at Target (I'm not setting foot in a big store for a while)

2. Who's watching our son throughout the day? - Thank god for Google Calendar

3. How am I getting my exercise? - Swordfights are good cardio. Bike rides too.

4. How am I getting time alone with Lexi? - A little bit here and there. Workouts before our son wakes up. Watching Picard after he goes to bed.

Now we've started looking ahead to the next steps

1. How do we support our fellow small businesses? - Takeout from Tato. Case of wine from Barbara Gratta so far. Posting about them to spread the word.

2. How do we spend time with our friends? - Friday night vchat movie nights. Cats is as terrible as you've heard. Watching it gave me no ironic joy. They just keep introducing cats for 2 hours and then it ends.

3. How do we make sure Trump is a one term president? - Donated to Biden, Amy Mcgrath (Mitch Mcconnell's opponent), and looking for other races where we can make a difference. They need help because they can't campaign in the usual ways right now and Trump has a daily (useless) coronavirus update that gets him free airtime.

Here's hoping you're shelter in place is going well. Do what you need to get by. Marie Kondo your ToDo list. If it doesn't bring you joy, and you don't need to do it to survive, then don't do it.

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