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There Was Only One

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Update from our trip skiing over the break. Our son loves skiing and did so well on his first class that they moved him out of the beginner group and on to the real ski lift! He did two lifts up the bunny slope. Lexi and I passed him and he was upright and pizzaing like a pro. Lexi and I couldn't be happier, especially Lexi as she was learning to ski at around the same age. There are pictures of her between her dads skis at 3. We're so excited that we're going back to the snow in March. Our son's new favorite make believe is to ask us to order a lyft for him then help him pack a bag (usually 2 stuffed animals, three hangers and his favorite spiderman shirt) and then look outside for the lyft to take him to the airport. It was super cute, until it got to be too late and we had to break it to him that it isn't time to go to the snow yet and it's in fact bed time. But in a few months, it will be time to go to the snow and that will make all the waiting worth it.

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