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To Get to Science

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

The greatest gift that having kids gives you is having a pair of new eyes through which to see everything. When you've seen something before, you're not as excited to see it a second time no matter how amazing it is, but when you're with someone else who is seeing it for the first time it reminds you that it's still amazing.

Being able to experience science for the first time again is so much fun. We have been to the exploratorium more times than I can remember. The science is still beyond his understanding, but his curiosity is peeked. Any science you can't understand yet seems like magic and his world is full of magic right now.

As he gets older, he'll slowly begin to see the science behind everything and understand how it works. Some of the magic will be drained out of his world, replaced by knowledge, but the curiosity will remain. And as long as you have curiosity, you'll never run out of new and amazing things to discover.

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