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What Are The New Rules

Updated: May 11, 2020

Bug has been handling the current situation better than any of us. He's getting all the time with Mama and Dada he wants. His school is doing some zoom classes and meetings with his teachers which has been great. His new cats are getting very used to all of us. Cheetoh has even started coming into his room during storytime before Bug goes to bed. Bug has even joined Lexi and I for our morning workout. We found an old mop handle he uses for his bar so he can do chest presses and squats with us. We've been doing 100 piece puzzles together. Lexi and I do most of the work at the start of a new puzzle, but he's able to do more and more of it after a few tries.

Most importantly, we still get out for a walk or a bike ride most everyday. He loves biking to Ocean Beach, which works out really well as there's always plenty of space to keep our distance. We take that trip at least once a week, packing a picnic, a blanket and our speaker. I get to listen to Steely Dan the whole way there (Bug's favorite is dirty work). Bug gets to run around in the waves. And then we bike back. I get 16 miles of biking in and he gets an adventure outside.

It's a good thing we're figuring out how to handle this new normal as it's just been announced that it's continuing through June. The current school year is cancelled. I hope we'll be able to come back in September. There's never a convenient time for this to happen but there are more inconvenient times. It's not like he can do remote learning when what he was learning was socialization, but at least he's not a Junior in high school (what a nightmare to happen in the middle of your prep for college applications).

For the first time in a while, I feel like we've found our rhythm in this new normal. The house has been organized from top to bottom. We got our exercise routine down. We got our regular adventures figured out. And it's a good thing as we'll be doing this for at least another month.

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